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Adjustable knee support with compression (Elite) (1 pair)

Prevent knee pain with knee support

Reduce injury risk with customizable knee supports. Increased blood circulation, support for the leg and calf with a comfortable fit.

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Reduce the risk of injury and alleviate pain during exertion

Prevent unnecessary injuries to legs, knees and calves with a pair of stylish knee pads! This is a must for those who often takes longer walks or jogging and feel pain after prolonged pressure. Knee protection is also good for those who do not have any injuries, but who want to prevent future complications. The knee-supports can be worn both under or on top of trousers / undergarments.

The knee pads are designed to provide a medium-low compression that increases blood flow and provides a pain-relieving effect. A total of 2 knee-supports (for right and left knees) are included.

In order to find the perfect fit for your knees, knee protection has adjustable straps so you can easily adjust the pressure over the knee and leg. 

✓ Reduces the risk of injury
✓ Prevents varicose veins
✓ Warms the muscles during cold days
✓ Increases blood flow

The garment can be machine washed in 30 or 40 degrees. Lower temperature gives slightly longer service life. To find the right size, measure the circumference 10 inches above the kneecap.

Size Guide:
S / M: 30-45 cm circumference
L / XL: 46-55 cm circumference

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Adjustable knee support with compression (Elite) (1 pair)

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