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6 par Kompressionsstrumpor (Ultra)

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6 par Kompressionsstrumpor (Ultra)

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A total of 6 pairs of stylish support socks to help you with the circulation of the foots and legs. The socks prevent vein fractures, reduce the risk of injury during exercise and help keep up the circulation at eg. flights. 

 Reduces the risk of injury
✓ Counteracts varicose
✓ Heats the muscles during cold days
✓ Both for everyday use and training

Thanks to the compression in the socks, there no is a risk of suffering from heavy and tired legs after a long day at work. Perfect for you who stands up or go a lot during a business day. Graded compression - stimulates increased blood circulation and thus faster recovery.



Size   Shoe size. Ankle size Calf size  
S - M   34-39 (EU) 17 - 24 cm (EU) 25 - 35 cm (EU)  
L - XL   40-46 (EU) 21 - 30 cm (EU) 35 - 47 cm (EU)  

Quantity: 6 pair 
compressions degree: 25-30 mmHg
Material: Cotton, nylon and spandex
Laundry machine: Yes
Model: Unisex

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