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Exercise equipment for the home

Train your whole body with this training tool!

Get the ultimate workout right from home, or take the home gym out into the park. Exercising at home has never been easier, now you can train everything from legs to arms directly in the living room.

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Exercise equipment for the home

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Full body training at home!

Get a full body workout at home without having to go to the gym, shape your butt, strengthen your legs and upper body with this effective exercise tool. Perfect for building muscle and increasing metabolism, you also access the muscles on the inside of the thighs to get slim and beautiful legs.


 Ultimate home training
✓ Increase your metabolism and shape your body
✓ Bring the gym to the living room
✓ Varied training


Get a full body workout every day in a smooth and effective way, the training tool is easily stored and takes up no space. Exercise your legs, buttocks or arms without having to set foot in the gym.

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