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Rechargeable headlamp with LED

Kraftfull pannlampa som laddas via USB

Rechargeable headlamp with two powerful LED lights, the headlamp is charged via USB. The headlamp is suitable for running but also for walking or cycling.

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Rechargeable headlamp with LED

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LED headlamp for all activities!

Rechargeable headlamp with 6 different settings and 2 different LED lamps, one lamp with a wider light image which is perfect for work at close range, the other lamp lights up at a slightly longer distance, which is optimal for running, cycling or walking. The LED lamp can be angled up to 45 degrees to get the perfect light image when you are out running or walking in the woods. 


 500 Lumens
 Light and flexible


The headlamp is charged via the included USB cable, a full charge takes about 60 minutes. The LED lamp is detachable from the headband, which allows you to use the LED lamp as a flashlight.

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