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Digital jump rope - without rope

Digital jump rope with built-in counter

Wireless jump rope that is perfect for those who find it difficult to jump with a regular jump rope. The digital jump rope measures the number of jumps and also your calorie consumption.

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Digital jump rope - without rope

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4.5 5 Digital jump rope - without rope
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Jump into shape with a digital jump rope!

Jumping rope is one of the best fitness exercises available, but it is not easy to learn and also not optimal to do indoors where you do not have so much space. With a wireless and digital jump rope, no coordination ability is required and can be used in very small spaces.


 Very good cardio
✓ Easy to use
✓ Counts the number of jumps and calories


If you regularly use the jump rope, you reduce osteoporosis, burn calories and increase your concentration ability. Because the digital jump rope measures calorie consumption and the time you use it becomes easy to set goals and complete them.

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