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Knee pads with splints

Increased stability with rails!

Knee pads with splints and silicone cushioning for ultimate comfort and stability for your knees. Perfect for recovery after injuries or for you with weak knees.

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Knee pads with splints

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Reduces the load on the knees!

Knee pads with detachable splints that give your knees stability and reduce strain. The knee joint is less stressed and is therefore excellent for those who suffer from osteoarthritis, ligament injuries or inflamed joints. The silicone insert reduces the pressure over the patella while keeping the patella in place for ultimate stability.

✓ Super comfortable to wear
✓ Reduces load
✓ Increases stability
✓ Ventilating


The knee support also has compression to guarantee stability and comfort, while reducing the risk of injury and relieving pain. you can wear the protection both over or under clothing. The knee pad is suitable for regular walks but also for hard training such as running or strength training. Can be washed in 30c (note remove the rails when washing).

Size guide:

S/M: Length 32 cm, length thighs 30 cm, length calf 26 cm
L/XL: Length 32 cm, length thighs 37 cm, length calf 30 cm

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